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Talent philosophy


At Chants, there is a special area called Bird’s Paradise, a place all employees of Chants love to go.

And this bears a unique implication: at Chants, everyone of us is a small bird of Chants. Chants seems to be a huge tree carrying our dreams and letting all personnel from Chants fly freely.



    Bird’s Paradise – lets every employee fly high

     The country of Bird’s Paradise comes from a book written by Ba Jin. There is a small isle in Xinhui. At the very beginning, there was a big banyan tree only in that small isle. A banyan tree is an extremely great plant, whose stem and branches bear many roots, which will come into soil to form new banyan trees. Such a banyan tree became a group of trees, and then finally became a green isle. The banyan trees covered the entire isle. This small isle is the homes of birds, who work, struggle and even reproduce their next generations one after another.

    The dream of Ms Zhang,the founder, is to build the bird’s paradise like Chants so that more employees will be able to fly higher.

    She expects to be able to have such a platform where the space full of care and freedom can be given to her employees. The employees can have a rest under this tree, and can also fly higher to the future. And Chants is a wide and huge tree waiting for those fighting birds to return. It is always here guarding the personnel from Chants.

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