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Benefits for employees

Benefits for employees

Five insurances and one reserve fund: Employees from Chants are entitled to endowment insurance, medical insurance, industrial injury insurance, unemployment insurance, birth insurance and housing reserve fund.

Holiday benefit: The employees having worked for Chants for one solid year or more are entitled to annual leave with pay. They are entitled to Saturday and Sunday holidays and 16-day holidays for Spring Festival.

Benefit products: The employees are entitled to rich benefit products, festival gifts and product discounts, etc.

Annual physical examination:The Company performs regular physical examinations of its employees, who can enjoy medical examinations with distinguished and advanced service.

Year-end bonus: Year-end bonus can be paid to the employees with good performance over the past year on a pro rata basis, with rich performance commission granted to outdoor staff members. 

Systematic study: The old and new employees can receive systematic training so that they will be able to have outstanding occupational ability.

Employees’ activities: Chants organizes regular collective activities such as festival buffet, themed parties, travel, campaigns, competitions, festival afternoon tea and other activities.

Entry gifts: In the month when an employee starts to work each year, he or she can be granted to a gift.

Celebration and sympathy: Happy event (funeral) gifts, sympathy fund for hospitalized patients: in the case of employees’ wedding and birth giving, the employees are entitled to the celebration fund granted by the Company in addition to the corresponding holidays. For the death of their lineal kin, they will be entitled to funeral leave and sympathy monies. Sympathy monies are also granted to the employees due to industrial injury or hospitalization.

Happy atmosphere: The Company’s atmosphere is pleasant, equal, happy and mutual aided. Each employee for Chants can work pleasantly and makes success.


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