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Job Recruitment

I.Cosmetic tutors (several)


Job requirements:

1. Good appearance and temperament aged between 24 and 35 capable of being qualified for long-term 

   business trips;

2. Specializing in medicine, with those engaged in high-end anti-aging and cell cosmetology projects


3. Outstanding sale and execution ability.

Job duties and responsibilities:

1. Based on the wooden marketing plagues prepared by the Company, to manage, follow up

   and implement the achievement of the wooden marketing plagues; 

2. to be responsible for market promotion and education in products, 

   profession, technology, activities and plans, etc;

3. to assist agents in the development, management, service, tracing and guidance

   of regional franchised outlets;

4. to follow up full-course training, preparation, engagement, invitation, execution

   and feedback of terminal activities of franchised outlets;

5. to assist the full-course planning, tracing, execution and feedback of regional

   meetings of agents;

6. market information feedback and market issue solution.

II.Experts in activities (3-5 persons)


Job requirements: 

1. having marketing experience in gene skincare, cell anti-aging, project 

   brand terminal activities, or working experience at the equivalent posts 

   for more than 3 years.

2. once engaged in supermarket communication and sales, and having many       

   successful cases in terminal marketing activities.

3. Full-course organization, tracing and execution of terminal

   activities in supermarkets.

4. Good education heritage ability, having ability to lead the execution of 

   team’s terminal marketing activities, and instructing the execution 

   ability of the team’s terminal activities.

5. having good affinity, having received university education in marketing 

   or medicine and having good professional foundation. 

Job duties and responsibilities:

1. to be involved in terminal marketing activities and planning;

2. Full-course follow-up of organization, sale, control, post-activity

   summary, follow-up and feedback of invitation, presale, preparation 

   and activities before terminal activities, and to be responsible for the

   results of the activities.

3. to be responsible for pattern making of terminal activities for large 

   cities and core stores around the country, to set activity example

   stores, to instruct activity marketing abilities of the first line of 

   cosmetic tutors.

III.Brand marketing director (1 person)


Job requirements:

1. having received university education or above specializing in marketing 

   and economic management;

2. having marketing experience for 8 years or more and overall management 

   experience for more than three years in the equivalent positions, with industrial 

   experience in professional lines of cosmetics (lip balms, medical cosmetology  

   and projects) preferred;

3. having strong negotiation ability, communication coordination ability, 

   market planning ability and team management ability with strong responsibility;

4. to recognize the Company’s corporate culture, to have good professional 

   ethics, to strictly observe national laws and regulations and to execute

   various regulations and policies;

Job duties and responsibilities:

1. To be responsible for working out brand marketing strategy and marketing 

   plans, to guide and control quality marketing orientation and to ensure the  

   attainment of targets;

2. to participate in product orientation planning as required and to propose 

   related suggestions and advice;

3. To be responsible for the formulation of overall marketing planning plans of 

   brands and periodic marketing promotion plans and to organize the

   implementation thereof upon review and approval;

4. Subject to the work plans of Business Department, to carry out daily work 

   distribution, guidance, incentive and assessment of the employees of Industrial 

   Department, to increase team’s work efficiency, to train marketing 

   management cadres, to reserve talents for the development of marketing  

   business and to develop marketing cadre team ability;

5. Subject to the Company’s marketing targets, to execute marketing plans 

   and to complete the follow-up and implementation of sales indicators;

6. to be responsible for brand market survey and demand analysis, overall 

   marketing plans and summary report, organizing marketing teams and 

   marketing management training;

7. To be responsible for collecting, sorting and analyzing market information

   to provide the basis for the Company to work out definite strategic plans;

8. To be responsible for organizing the formulation of marketing plans, and 

   to adjust marketing plans and strategies subject to market conditions.

IV.Copywriting (1 person)


Job requirements:

1. Copywriting must be of penetrating power and insight, and can hold outlet 

   customers and attract end users;

2. having received college education or above with one working experience

   in cosmetics planning solution for more than one year;

3. To love the cosmetics industry and having persistent curiosity and spirit 

   of exploration to new matters and new media;

4. to have in-depth understanding of activity planning, brand construction and 

   project planning, and having actual operation experience and successful cases;

5. having wisdom and high intelligence quotient, hardworking and energetic soul;

6. Those experienced in cosmetology and electronic business (skincare) page 

   planning will be preferred.

Job duties and responsibilities:

1. to be responsible for refining the Company’s new product selling points and 

   for copywriting; 

2. Project and brand new media planning and communication plans

   and copywriting;

3. to assist the Company in working out various plans on advertising and 

   promotion, writing of campaign plans and various activities copywriting and 

   creative writing;

4. to collect advertising copywriters of brands of industrial competitors, cross-

   industry creative reference cases and other information for comparison, analysis 

   and information summary report; 

V.Product planning (1 person)


Job requirements:

1. having product planning and team management experience for more than 3 

   years and having more than two successful cases in products;

2. to understand the status and development trends in beauty cosmetics industry 

   at professional lines, having acute information analysis ability in markets, having 

   working experience in healthcare brands and posts of instrument projects preferred;

3. to be familiar with professional knowledge of dermatology and healthcare capable of 

   independently undertaking new product development projects;

4. Those familiar with beauty parlor nursing operation approaches will

   be preferred;

5. Those who are careful with work and have the sense of responsibility, and have 

   stronger execution ability as well as coordination communication and teamwork 


Job requirements:

1. to be familiar with the cosmetic industry, having professional achievements, 

   good word and summary and induction ability as well as project planning 

   integration ability and the ability to write product planning, technical solutions 

   and training textbooks, etc.

2. To understand the cosmetic popular trends and outlet demands, to conduct 

   market surveys and analysis, and to provide the Company with product project 

   establishment basis and suggestions;

3. To control the entire process from the establishment of new products to the 

   launch of new products to markets, to follow up the manufacture of various 

   products and materials and conduct control over old products. 


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