Dedication and professionalism forging ahead with the trend

As a model company dedicated to China’s beauty industry for more than 20 years and China’s professional beauty industry top quality brand operator, the Company has succeeded in operating Chants, Cullun, Welltime, Caregiver and other brands.
For more than 20 years, it has been taking the lead in the industry, and owns more than 70 top quality provincial level agents and more than 6000 top quality terminal franchised outlets around China.
It owns one million loyal female consumers, outlet control ability, marketing promotion ability and outstanding marketing teams and has accomplished the strength in the beauty industry as a model.


Market thinking: to be close to micro innovation as required by customers
Result orientation: sense of worth + emotion + aesthetics demonstrating perfect design So that customers will not only like it but also love it.
Quality thinking: careful, meticulous and perfect We regard product quality as belief and market reputation as life

It owns top quality plant, Class 100000 clean workshops, state-of-the-art Chinese identity tracing certification system; and rigorous quality control and production standard system, which meets national CFDA quality control requirements.

Witness by millions of fans

Butterfly change is strength and totem engraved in the soul of every fan.
Fans of Chants have not changed passively,
But they have actively explored their own potentials and changed life.
People from Chants struggle in life making constant surpassing
For the accomplishment of wonderful life of millions of fans

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  • Wechat:18022870169

  • Adds:Guangzhou Chants Beauty Cosmetics Co., Ltd

  • Cosmetic tutors (several)

  • Experts in activities (3-5 persons)

  • Brand marketing director (1 person)

  • Copywriting (1 person)

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